V8 Titanium Pneumatic Comb

2.000 strokes per minute, only 720 grams
Based on the experience gained over decades of production of pneumatic tools for agriculture, Lisam created V8 Titanium pneumatic comb, yet lighter and more productive.

V8 Titanium, even lighter and more productive.

The new V8 Titanium pneumatic comb weighs only 720 g with a power of 2,000 strokes per minute.

The lightness of the harvesting instrument is obtained through the use of components in titanium and magnesium and a technopolymer based tooth layout.
This structure accentuates its characteristics of robustness and resistance to wear, whilst its remarkable lightness increases manoeuvrability at the same time.

The brand new fan-type tooth layout design, with each tooth closer to the base and in alternate positions, increases the ray of action of the comb as if there were an extra tooth (hence the name V8). This new type of comb shape makes it easier to move among even the densest foliage.
Even the smallest, most resilient olives are harvested easily, without causing any damages to the tree.

The V8 Titanium pneumatic olive harvester must be used at a maximum pressure of 7-8 bar, this pressure guaranteed benefits remain unchanged and consumption are thus reduced.

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