Petrol Motocompressors

LISAM wheeled petrol powered compressors offer the ideal solution for farms with fields located far from any buildings. The HONDA powered petrol range offers air tank capacities from 300 to 990 litres.
The 300 litre model is compact and light, offering great manoeuvrability even in limited spaces. This is ideal for the small farmer, as it can power 1 comb or 2/3 shears.
The 990 litre tank model, with its higher compressed air output, can be used by 2 to 4 workers simultaneously, as it can power 3 combs or 9 shears.
All Lisam power compressors are equipped with automatic throttle control and may be fitted with a hose winder accessory, permitting the operator to work up to 200 metres away from the unit.