MG Turbo Pneumatic Comb

Handy and powerful olive harvester

The pneumatic MG Turbo rake is powerful, lightweight, and manageable.
Its compact body is constructed in magnesium and works at 1,800 strokes per minute.
The rakes are particularly effective during harvesting: the rake consists of alternating long and short tines.
This characteristic enables the rake to harvest olives not only from the highest and far-reaching branches, but also amidst the finest and densest branches of the olive tree, without dropping even one olive.

Rounded tip rods

Mg Turbo rods are rounded tip, designed to not damage the olive trees during harvest.
The rake consists of alternating long and short tines.


The MG TURBO pneumatic rake must be used at a maximum pressure of 7-8 bar, a level that guarantees both performance and reduced consumption.

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