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Sky-man pneumatic saw

The new pneumatic saw for pruning
Skyman is the pneumatic saw made by Lisam, with an ergonomic and innovative design.
It cuts branches up to 20 cm in diameter and is equipped with a chain brake, for a safe pruning.

Sky-man, ergonomic and innovative

The range of pneumatic saws produced by Lisam offers even more today with a new model: Sky-man, with its ergonomic and innovative design.
Sky-man is the saw for pruning fruit trees and the maintenance of gardens and parks, making it possible to prune branches as big as 20 cm effortlessly.

This is an lightweight tool and extremely manageable, because its ergonomic form was studied to make the operators work more comfortable. Small and slim, it is very easy to use even during the most difficult pruning manoeuvres.

Safe and simple to mantain

The Sky-man pneumatic saw was constructed in compliance with EC regulations and enables working in total safety, thanks to the chain brake: in case of kickbacks, the movement of the saw is blocked immediately.

Simple to maintain, the Sky-man saw has a patented self-lubricating system that requires no tank or oil pump.

In fact, the chain is lubricated by the exhaust of the pneumatic motor of the saw and the oil is dispensed directly by the compressor. Sky-man is available in different models: with an 8 or 10-inch chain bar, a tradition bar, or pointed bar.