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SKY – saw with extension arm

For pruning high branches
Sky pneumatic saw facilitates the pruning of parks, orchards and olive groves, thanks to the saw extension bar of 3 mt. Ladders or self-propelled carriages are not necessary.

Just 1 kg

For pruning in parks, fruit orchards and olive farms, where ladders or self-propelled trucks are necessary, Lisam has developed the all-new SKY saw with a 2 metre extension arm.

Lisam’s ongoing research into innovative technologies and materials has produced a unique tool: weighing just 1 Kg and extremely compact, SKY is the lightest and easiest to use extension arm mounted pneumatic saw currently available on the market.
This light, manoeuvrable tool makes the job of agricultural workers and park maintenance personnel considerably less tiring.

To prune branches at significant heights

Being able to prune branches at significant heights directly from the ground translates into a substantial reduction in work times, as the operator simply needs to move around the base of the plant.
The start lever located on the hand grip at the bottom of the extension arm prevents any contact between the operator and the moving saw.
Models are available with 8 or 10 inch chain bars and with standard shape or tapered bars.