For those who want maximum freedom, here is the Modular series: a line of PTO compressors that allows you to modify or expand your equipment at any time. Accessories always perfectly compatible and the possibility of choosing between different heads and tanks.


To obtain a wide working autonomy with the tractor off, Lisam has thought of the Giant Line line of three-point compressors, with a high capacity vertical tank (available up to 800 litres), for considerable savings on fuel costs and tractor wear.

For olive harvesting and pruning
Giant Line is the compressor mounted on a tractor with a vertical tank, which guarantees considerable autonomy and great savings for the agricultural company.

Savings and autonomy
The GIANT LINE compressor line is equipped with a high capacity vertical tank and reduces the use of the tractor when using pneumatic tools for pruning and harvesting olives: scissors, hacksaws and olive harvesters.
The operator, by turning off the tractor, uses the air reserve in the tank, with an autonomy of several hours; turning it back on, in a few minutes, it recharges again.
The limited use of the tractor translates into significant savings on fuel costs and wear and tear on the vehicle.



Lisam produces Eco Line compressors, with a simple and light but particularly robust frame. A reliable line, with an excellent quality-price ratio.

An economical and reliable compressor
Eco Line is the high quality Lisam compressor at an affordable price.
To power hacksaws, scissors and pneumatic harvesters.

To power pneumatic tools for pruning and olive harvesting
Lisam has thought of a more economical line to satisfy a wider clientele.
The three-point Eco Line model, made with a simpler and lighter but still functional frame, uses the parts,
type of head, valve and lubricator filter, from the entire LISAM range, thus respecting the quality and simplicity of spare parts.

Ecoline is the ideal compressor to power Lisam’s pneumatic tools: scissors and hacksaws for pruning and olive harvesters.

– with 2 FRLs as standard
– with 2 24 liter tanks. supplementary