Pruning Shears, hacksaws and pruning rods


Discover the range of electric pruning shears.
Plug-In electric scissors and the powerful Blade GT2.

An electric scissors with a cutting power superior to those on the market which is at the same time light and easy to handle.
The small diameter handle and the study on balance make Blade GT2 ergonomic and pleasant to use.
The battery is reduced to a minimum and in its light weight it contains the working autonomy of an entire day.
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Handy and easy to use scissors, with a cutting capacity of up to 26mm.
Simple maintenance, small handle, two cutting settings.
Thanks to the integrated battery, connection wires are eliminated.
Two batteries supplied, with a duration of up to 3 hours of work each.
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Handy and easy to use scissors, with a cutting capacity of 32mm.
The simple maintenance, the small handle and the two cutting settings make this electric scissors a tireless work companion.
Thanks to the integrated battery, the scissor battery connection wires are eliminated.
Two batteries supplied and up to 4 hours of work each.
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Extremely powerful, it is the right tool for those who need to cut branches of large diameters outside the standard.
The cutting diameter up to 37mm. makes it a powerful and reliable tool.
Two batteries supplied, capable of boasting a duration of up to 5 hours for each battery.
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It is the electric scissors with extreme power, unique in its kind for the exceptional weight-energy ratio delivered. It guarantees the operator comfortable and effortless work.
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Choose the electric chain saw best suited to your needs.
The typical Lisam reliability in every product.

The power is guaranteed in dimensions reduced to a minimum, it is equipped with automatic lubrication of the chain which distinguishes it in the high range of the market for this type of tool.
With the MiniSG the operator has simplicity at his fingertips.
It is supplied with two plug-in lithium ion batteries, the double non-slip handle allows for maximum comfort.
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Small size and high power. Freedom of movement and guarantee of quick cuts thanks to the high speed of the chain. The weight is low, in fact it is the lightest hacksaw in the range. Built-in battery, automatic chain lubrication, multi-function LCD display and a comfortable non-slip handle make the new SG18 electric chain saw a best buy.
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Electric chain saw without connection cables with cordless battery.
additional ergonomic handle for working in complete safety, with two hands.
Double safety switch, integrated oil tank with visible level, automatic chain lubrication and LED display to show battery charge and working hours.
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Electric chain saw without connection cables with cordless battery.
Comfortable and pleasant to use, it does not use connection cables.
Non-slip handle, double button safety system and efficient chain brake system ensure the operator can work safely with two hands.
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The SKYTRONIC electric chain pruner on a telescopic extension pole from 150 to 250 cm is equipped with great cutting power and precision which makes it essential for pruning fruit trees, vineyards and ornamental plants. With SKYTRONIC the operator is able to make fast and precise cuts safely from the ground, without the use of ladders.


LISAM extension rods to install
your electric pruning tools on a pole.

Fixed extension rod for the TL32 and TL37 electric pruning shears
Available in 3 lengths: 90 cm. – 160 cm. – 200 cm.
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The powerful TL42 electric pruning shear from LISAM can be mounted on an extension pole, pushing its working range to 165-240 cm in height.
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The new LISAM electric chain saw can be mounted on an EXTENSION POLE extension pole which brings them to 175-235 cm. in height.
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Safe and reliable pneumatic saws because they are equipped with a chain brake.
They easily cut branches up to 20cm in diameter.

The first approved pneumatic hacksaw on a pole, to carry out
pruning without having to use ladders or self-propelled carts.
It reaches up to 4 meters in height and is very light: it weighs only 1 kg.
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For pruning branches up to 20 cm in diameter.
2SP, a series of saws for productive, safe and effective pruning.
Chain bar, spike bar and traditional bar models are available.
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Sky-man is the hacksaw for pruning fruit trees and maintaining green areas, with which it is possible to prune branches up to 20 cm thick without any effort.
It is an agile and extremely easy to handle tool, its ergonomic shape has been designed to make the operator’s work comfortable. Slender and not bulky, it is very comfortable to use even during the most tiring pruning operations.
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Lisam pneumatic shears meet the pruning needs of farmers.
Orchards, olive groves, orchards and vineyards, even for high heights.

Pneumatic pruning shear designed for professional pruning
of fruit trees such as cherry, apricot, peach and apple trees. A perfect pruning.
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Forbice pneumatica VR36

The double piston pneumatic pruning shear.
Thanks to its small diameter, it is extremely comfortable even for operators with small hands.
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Pneumatic pruning shear with automatic blade disinfection at each cut,
to avoid the transmission of diseases within the orchard.
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Pneumatic scissors with extension rod for pruning the highest branches safely and without the clutter of stairs.
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The pneumatic pruning shear with elongated blades,
designed specifically for vine pruning.
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The pneumatic pruning shear with double-edged blades,
for precise pruning that helps the healing of the branch.
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Traditional tools for pruning orchards and gardens.
Scissors, loppers and pruners: resistant and lightweight.

Simple but necessary tool for pruning orchards and any type of large plant suitable for both hobby and professional users.
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Lisam has created super-light scissors with double-edged blades, thus guaranteeing manual pruning that does not tire the operator, a fundamental aspect that allows you to maintain higher productivity and less tiring pruning days.
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Lisam’s traditional scissors for manual pruning are equipped with double-edged blades, which meet in the center of the branch and promote healing.
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Tytron is the latest generation branch lopper, with a double-jointed lever that does not tire the operator during pruning work.
For decades the traditional Lisam lopper has been in the hands of many farmers, who appreciate it because it is solid, reliable and robust.
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For hand pruning of fruit and garden plants. The classic lopper is one of the first tools created by Lisam. The traditional lopper created by Lisam, in the hands of many farmers for decades, is a robust, solid and reliable tool.
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