Oliwatt 2 Power Comb

Productive as a pneumatic harvester
Oliwatt 2 is the electric harvester designed to facilitate the collection of olives in the roughest terrain.
Oliwatt 2 is the first electric shaker comb to offer the same performance and productivity as a pneumatic system, while eliminating the need for a cumbersome air compressor.
The use of carbon fibre extension arms make the system extremely light yet incredibly strong.
This is a battery powered olive harvesting shaker comb, thus needing no compressor. The comb is powered by a latest generation 12V motor offering superior performance and reduced power consumption.

For harvesting on rough terrain

The compact, versatile and lightweight Oliwatt 2 has been specially designed for relatively small olive groves and for harvesting on rough terrain. The revolutionary feature of this comb is the fan-shaped layout of the teeth.
This reproduces the movement of the hand, pushing the olives downward toward the base of the branch, where the narrowing space causes them to detach from the plant.
Not even the smallest and most tenacious olives can escape this machine.

A professional harvester tool at a competitive price

Optimised power consumption enables many hours’ harvesting autonomy between recharges.
With a 20 metre power cable provided as standard, the comb can be powered by any 12V battery (power consumption 6-7 Ah/h). The comb is available with a variety of different fixed length and telescopic extension arms.
The performance of the Oliwatt 2 electric comb is even further boosted with the ETA BETA Lisam patented portable generator, powered by a 4-stroke Honda engine.

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