2SP pneumatic saw

For cutting up to 20 cm diameter branches
2SP pneumatic saws, for productive, safe and effective pruning.
Models are available with chain bars, standard shape or tapered bars.

Safe and light pruning

Lisam presents the 2/SP range of pneumatic saws for effortless cutting up to 20 cm in diameter.
Built in compliance with EC legislation, each saw features a chain brake which immediately arrests the saw in the event of the bar accidentally recoiling towards the operator.

All models are fitted with an automatic lubricator as standard, for easy, limited maintenance and to ensure uninterrupted operation and maximum efficiency and productivity.
Models are available with 8 or 10 inch chain bars and with standard shape or tapered bars.

Security System – chain brake

The chain brake is an important device on the 2SP pneumatic saw and is activated in case of kickback during cutting, blocking the chain. Naturally, the cut must be carried out with the required protective devices and always while holding the grip with both hands. It is possible to test the correct functioning of the chain brake: the brake is disabled when the hand guard is pulled back, and enabled with the hand guard is pushed ahead and blocked.