V8 Evo Pneumatic Comb

Lightweight and powerful pneumatic comb
The rakes are equipped with interchangeable blades, arranged in a staggered manner to collect smaller olives.

Innovative and economical

Today, the Lisam pneumatic rake line includes the new V8 Evo.
Lisam continually endeavours to create tools for harvesting olives that are increasingly precise and efficient, and in doing so uses only the most resistant, high-tech materials: indeed, the V8 Evo pneumatic rake features a body in magnesium with components in titanium.

The power of this pneumatic rake reaches up to 1,900 strokes per minute for a weight of 800 grams.
V8 Evo is an innovative tool that is also economical, because it was designed to work at a maximum pressure of 7/8 bar.
For this reason, the pneumatic rake truly reduced consumption: a mid-sized portable compressor makes it possible to power two pneumatic rakes at the same time, adding up to considerable savings.

Interchangeable and easy to replace rods

V8 Evo’s rods are resistant and durable, allowing for a fast and productive olive harvesting. The rods are interchangeable: if necessary, you can always just change the broken rod, without changing the whole rake body.

Staggered rods to collect more olives
Its fan-shaped rake with alternated tines results in particularly productive harvesting. The tines are wider at the base with no spaces between them, making it possible to harvest the greatest number of olives possible, even the smallest ones between the densest and most intricate foliage. Moreover, the tines of the V8 pneumatic rake are interchangeable; if necessary, even a single damaged tine can be replaced without having to replace the entire rake.

The V8 EVO pneumatic rake must be used at a maximum pressure of 7-8 bar, a level that guarantees both performance and reduced consumption.

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