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BLADE GT2 electric pruning shears

Blade GT2 is the novelty of the Lisam range.
An electric pruning shears with a cutting power higher than those available on the market which is at the same time light and easy to handle.
The small diameter handle and the study on balance make Blade GT2 ergonomic and pleasant to use.

Lightweight, practical and powerful battery

The battery is reduced to a minimum and in little weight it contains the working autonomy of a whole day.
The blades, our strong point for over 50 years, guarantee a clean and precise cut for a better healing of the plant.

High autonomy, excellent performance

The brand new lithium battery recharges in just 4 hours and is able to guarantee high pruning performance for 8-10 hours.
Thanks to a careful study of design and components, the new Blade GT2 electric shear weighs only 810 grams and has increased its cutting capacity, bringing it to 38mm.

Complete with everything

The BLADE GT2 electric shear is complete with everything needed to make the most of it and for routine maintenance of the shears. No surprises and maximum productivity.
The practical vest does not clutter and has been designed to be comfortable to wear even for a whole day of work.