Electric chain saw: practical and powerful

Lisam is pleased to present its electric jigsaws to you. For pruning branches, electric saws are a practical and powerful solution..


The power is guaranteed in dimensions reduced to a minimum, it is equipped with automatic lubrication of the chain which distinguishes it in the high range of the market for this type of tool.
With the MiniSG the operator has simplicity at his fingertips.

SG 18

Small size and high power. Freedom of movement and guarantee of quick cuts thanks to the high speed of the chain. The weight is low, in fact it is the lightest hacksaw in the range. Built-in battery, automatic chain lubrication, multi-function LCD display and a comfortable non-slip handle make the new SG18 electric jigsaw a best buy..

SG 21

Electric chain saw without connection cables with cordless battery, additional ergonomic handle for working with two hands, double safety switch, integrated oil tank with visible level, automatic lubrication of the chain and LED display to show battery charge and hours of operation Work.

Extension Pole for SG18/SG21

Extension rod made specifically for the SG18/SG21 electric jigsaw. Equipped with a quick fixing system.
The battery is positioned at the bottom of the rod, thus allowing optimal balance of the tool..

SG 22

Electric chain saw without connection cables with cordless battery.
Comfortable and pleasant to use, it does not use connection cables.
Non-slip handle, double button safety system and efficient chain brake system ensure the operator can work safely with two hands.


The SKYTRONIC electric chain pruner on a telescopic extension pole from 150 to 250 cm is equipped with great cutting power and precision which makes it essential for pruning fruit trees, vineyards and ornamental plants. With SKYTRONIC the operator is able to make fast and precise cuts safely from the ground, without the use of ladders.