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Pneumatic Shears for professional use

Lisam pneumatic secateurs are produced in alloy to allow the agricultural worker to operate even at low temperatures with no power variations. They can be fitted onto extension poles, which are sometimes telescopic, to reach higher branches without having to resort to ladders.

Lisam also offers manual secateurs and branch cutters for professional use or for the leisure-time gardener.


Sly is a professional shear to prune fruit trees,
light and easy to use. Sly pneumatic shears
can be integrated with extension rods.


Super Sly Pneumatic shears are integrate
with extension rod, for easily height pruning.
They are suitable for pruning citrus and olives.


Sana Sly is an unique pneumatic shear:
it disinfects the blade after each cut.
To control the orchard and prevent
the transmission of plant diseases.


Sly Dt, the pneumatic shears with
double-edged blades, for a clean,
precise cut that leaves no residue
on the trees and promotes
healing of the branches.


4 Win: effective pruning shears for the vine,
light, functional and comfortable
for the operator.

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