Swing Power Comb

The brand new electric power comb by Lisam
Lightweight and easy to handle, thanks to the weight balanced on either end; stable and quiet, thanks to the elliptical motion of the rakes in the branches of olive trees. In one word: innovative.

The new electric Swing harvesting rake is now available with the next generation of brushless motors, offering extra lightweight comfort.

This harvesting rake for the olives stands out from other harvesting rake produced by Lisam for the balancing of weights on both ends, thereby distributing the upper and lower part below the grip equally.

For this reason, the operator is required to make much less effort in manoeuvring the device. Thanks to this innovation, the harvesting rake features an even more compact and manageable shape.

It is also lightweight, flexible, manoeuvrable, and effective in harvesting. The harvesting rakes, made in carbon fibre, make an elliptical movement to optimise penetration of the branches and leaves of olive trees, detaching even smaller and more resistant fruits. Swing can be powered by any 12-volt battery with limited consumption (absorption 8Ah/hour) and can cover an ample radius of land, thanks to the 15-metre cable supplied. This is an innovative tool when operated by expert farmers.

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