Oliveco Power Comb

Excellent price / quality ratio
Oliveco electric harvester is designed for those who grow olives as a hobby.

A harvester designed for those who cultivates olive trees as an hobby

Lisam’s Oliveco power comb for olive harvesting is dedicated to those who cultivate olive plants as a hobby.
The Oliveco harvester comb is lightweight, practical and inexpensive.

The extension arm of the Oliveco power comb is telescopic and extends up to three metres. This olive harvester comb features a 12-volt brush motor, and can be connected to any battery (e.g., to the car battery).Alternatively, the Oliveco power comb can be used with the Eta Beta portable generator, patented by Lisam and which is equipped with a 4-stroke petrol motor and mounted on a practical stand with feet, shoulder strap and handle for easier transport. Practical and lightweight, Eta Beta can drive up to 2 olive harvester combs and allows operators to work at a distance of up to 30 metres, thus overcoming any possible plant position difficulty.

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