Shoulder Battery

It powers electric combs without hindering the olive harvesting
Lisam created the lithium-ion battery that is worn like a backpack and takes up no space. With 6 hours of autonomy, allowing easy and practical work to harvest the olives.

Lisam’s interest in research and innovation in agriculture is expressed as a constant search for concrete solutions aimed at satisfying harvesting needs as they arise.
The result is the portable Lithium ion battery, a lightweight and ergonomic tool that is the ideal power supply for electric olive harvesting rakes (Oliwatt2, Oliv-One e Oliveco) without hindering movement.
This is a belt-worn battery pack that is comfortable and practical to use, enabling the operator to always have a new power supply for electric harvesters without unwieldy volumes or other concerns while harvesting olives.

The battery is safe and lightweight, facilitating the job on any type of terrain and allowing access even among the highest branches with no risk of obstruction.
The shoulder battery pack is light (weighing only 5.5 kilograms) and provides ample autonomy to allow olive harvesting all day long.
With continuous use, it is possible to work for 6 and a half hours. Thanks to Lisam, olive harvesting gets easier and more comfortable every day.

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