Electric Olive Harvester


Oliwatt 2

Oliwatt 2 is the electric harvester designed to facilitate the collection of olives in the roughest terrain


Oliveco electric harvester is designed for those who grow olives as a hobby.


Lightweight and easy to handle, thanks to the weight balanced on either end; stable and quiet, thanks to the elliptical motion of the rakes in the branches of olive trees. In one word: innovative.o.

Otto C

Practical and lightweight, for hobby use, ideal for up to a maximum of 100 plants.


Lightweight and manageable. Telescopic extension rod in lightweight alloy, from 2.20 to 3.20 meters, and 15 meter electrical cable.

Portable Generators

Lisam boosts the productivity of Oliwatt2, Swing and Oliveco by offering the patented portable ETA BETA generator, featuring a 4-stroke Honda gas engine, making it possible for two operators to work up to 40 metres apart.

generatore-eta-betaEta Beta

Eta Beta is the portable generator to power electric combs during the olive harvest.

batteria-a-spallaShoulder backpack

Lisam created the lithium-ion battery that is worn like a backpack and takes up no space. With 6 hours of autonomy, allowing easy and practical work to harvest the olives.

V8evoV8 EVO

1.900 strokes per minute for the newest pneumatic comb, realized in magnesium and titanium.

V8titaniumV8 Titanium

weighs only 720 g with a power of 2,000 strokes per minute.

V8 TurboV7turbo

pneumatic comb with rounded rods.

MGturboMg Turbo

Compact and easy to handle.

Mg Turbo Evo

Compact and easy to handle.

Mg MagnesiumMGmagnesium

Small size and with oval rods.

V8 Carbon

With carbon fiber components.

R8 Carbon

Side movement ‘n carbon tines

V7 Magnesium

Pneumatic rake with magnesium body


Magnesium body and lighter rakes


Magnesium body and lighter rakes

All pneumatic combs product from 2012 have been modified to obtain higher performance than the previous ones, so they should be used at a maximum pressure of 7-8 Bar thereby reducing power consumption while maintaining unchanged performance.

Thanks to years of experience in designing and building innovative tools, Lisam has obtained extraordinary results in the productivity, reliability, and lightness of their pneumatic rakes.
What is so important about this harvesting tool, as is for all Lisam tools, is our dedication to research and opting for new solutions and materials, like components in titanium, magnesium, and technopolymers.

A form designed to collect even the smallest olives

Lisam also produces various types of harvesting accessories to meet the most diverse needs; with fan-shaped rakes to simulate hand-harvesting movements, with tapered shapes to penetrate particularly thick and entangled foliage more easily, and alternated structures to increase the range of action.